Artistic director Clemens Unterreiner

1. Klassik Mania Masterclass 2014

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We present the new
KLASSIK MANIA - Masterclass
This year's Klassik Mania masterclass is in the late summer of 2014 in the Old City Hall in Vienna.

Our new Masterclass and the history of our competition

Due to the success of the singing competition Classic - Mania and the great interest in a matching master class, we are first time this year to offer this new master class. Due to the many demands and because of the need of a serious young talent we now offer the first time this special on young singers tailored masterclass. It is aimed at young, talented young singers who want to work for one week with the teachers in several classes and various working groups. It will not be just about technique, interpretation and voice-leading but also the stage presence, the occurrence and the daily demands of a modern singer profession.

"Klassik-Mania“ was founded by the viennese opera singer and baritone Clemens Unterreiner in 2004. It is a competition for young opera singers which is to be held annually. The competition will take place in the Old City Hall in Vienna. After a total of three rounds, the winners will be determined by a jury, who will award prizes at the final concert which will conclude the competition. At this concert, the audience will also award a prize to a candidate of their choice; further prizes in the form of the Richard Wagner Bayreuth scholarship, radio broadcasting of the final concert and other concert appearances will also be awarded. The aim of this competition is to draw attention to young singers and to incourage them in their professional development.
To this end, the participation is open free of charge for all candidates as an incentive for singers who do not yet have professional engagements and/or are still pursuing their studies. Candidates will also have an opporunity, if desired, to receive suggestions from the jury members as to their future development as singers. This competition does not see itself as a rival to other competitions, but rather as a fine and helpfull preparatory step to aid young and talented singers in determining where they are in their development, and how best to proceed in the future.
More than 850 young singers from 34 different countries all over the world had already taken part in this competition and the young opera newcomers like Daniela Fally, Ana Puche-Rosado, Michael Spyres, Beate Ritter and others started their carreer as finalists and winners of Klassik-Mania.
Participation is open to all candidates between the age of 20 - 26 for ladies and 20 - 28 for gentlemen. The participation for all candidates is free of charge and no registration fee is required to enter - The registration is free of charge but binding. For more and detailed informations klick to the link "Information" above.

Greeting words 2011

Dr. Heinz Fischer

I am very pleased that Klassik Mania 2011 gives young artists the opportunity to present themselves in the music metropolis of Vienna before a jury to make an important step towards its own developing and perfection. All those who play a meritorious manner to the implementation of Klassik Mania I would like to cordially thank and express my appreciation for your remarkable cultural youth work. The art and especially the music contributes greately to the international understanding and mutual acquaintance. I am sure that the young singers from different parts of the world will experience this sense of great days in our capital.
I greet all the participants of KlassiK Mania very much and wish you the best and much success!

Dr. Heinz Fischer
Federal President of the Republic of Austria

Under the patronage of 2011

Copyright: Hans Ringhofer

Dr. Claudia Schmied

Experience, youth care and the promotion of young talents are of particular concern to me. For seven years, the International singing competition "Klassik Mania" is an important contribution to the discovery of young, talented singers in classical music. With this competition the young artists are offered a stage which opens at the beginning of a career good conditions for further development. In "Klassik Mania" the singers can win experience, exchange with international artists, make valuable contacts and get stimulating pulses of a prominent international jury.
All participants I wish much success and Klassik Mania interesting discoveries for the world of opera!

Dr. Claudia Schmied
Federal Minister for Education, Arts and Culture

Dr. Michael Häupl

The Viennese love music and the music, it seems, loves Vienna. The great masters of classical music such as Mozart or Beethoven lived here, but also most popular composers of light entertainment, such as Johann Strauss, were in Vienna at home. And of course there are also the Viennese institutions with their great tradition, which received the reputation as a city of music permanently alive. These range from the world-famous orchestra of the Vienna Philharmonic to the unique performance venues as the Musikverein, Konzerthaus or the Opera. But all these world famous institutions would not play without people who sing in their music, and. Therefore, there are events like the junior singing competition Klassik Mania 2011, contributing to Vienna to position in the future as a world city of music. Young artist nursing and talent promotion are among the most important artistic and creative tasks of a cultural metropolis. In this spirit, I thank the initiators of classic mania and wish above all the young talent to make this year their skills, good luck!

Dr. Michael Häupl
Mayor and Governor of Vienna

Ursula Stenzel

Rapidly developing communications technologies are creating an increasingly global context, the new possibilities of exchange and encounter offers. In such a globalized world, often by chance fails as a guide for new careers. It therefore requires the creation of new networks, the young performers, promoters and art lovers gather in a free exchange. In this context, the idea of this contest brings for a new meaning. Besides the election of the "best quality" are personal encounters and the opportunity for new contacts in the center of attention. "Klassik - Mania 2011" directed worldwide for the seventh time to young singers that is presented to a jury and acquire experience for their careers do. In this way can also be already collected advice for future professional experiences. Renowned conductors and agents have the chance to discover this young talent and the general public new favorites. With the opening of the Old Town Hall, the Inner City again offers the festive backdrop for this high-profile junior singing competition. As a hostess and district head, I am very pleased to contribute to the success of this idea may be. In this sense I wish everybody a successful and exciting event!

Ursula Stenzel
District Chairwoman of the Inner City of Vienna